Surgeon Elise

Surgeon Elise

Aoi Takamoto’s previous life was the “Empress of Evil.”, Elise,.

She had done many misdeeds and brought misfortune to people.

So she met her end in being executed by ,her husband, Linden..

In the second life, Aoi reincarnated in modern world and lived her life for others as a surgeon to atone for her sins but she died in airplane crash….


When she woke up, she was back to her first life!

Elise reincarnated 10 years before her execution.

She sees her pervious family members who lost their lives because of her.

I don’t want to lose my loved ones anymore…

And I definitely don’t want to live full of regrets!

For the third time in her life, she avoids marriage to Linden which triggered the tragedy and decides to use her knowledge of medicine to become a doctor.

However, Elise’s path is filled with many difficulties…?


This life is to save someone else’s life___

A dedicated medical fantasy of a “genius surgeon” who defies fate begins!



Animation Production MAHO FILM

©yuin,mini/Surgeon Elise Project