By the Grace of the Gods 2

By the Grace of the Gods 2

Once again, a slow life in Isekai is filled with tenderness.


Ryoma was reincarnated into another world as a child by the gods.

He met the Dukes of Jamil and other friendly people, and enjoying his Isekai life.


“Bamboo Forest”, a dry-cleaning store that he opened using the ability of slimes and his experiences in his previous life, is doing well.

One day, he is approached about opening a “second store” in another town.


Leaving Gimuru, the city of beginnings…….the time of departure is coming for Ryoma!


Beyond the expanding world, new encounters and challenges are waiting for Ryoma.

Season 2 of this slow-life fantasy begins!




Animation Producer Yuki Mukai
character Designer Kaho Deguchi
Prop Designer Yoshio Hirose, Shiori Kurihara, Manami Inose, Yumi Yoshinari
Screenplay Toshima Hara
Storyboard Yuji Yanase, Tomihiko Okubo
Direction Yuji Yanase, Tomihiko Okubo, Naoyoshi Kusaka, Kyohei Oyabu
Chief Animation Director Tomihiko Okubo, Kaho Deguchi, Yuko Oba
Animation Director Yuji Yanase, Tomihiko Okubo, Kaho Deguchi, Yuko Oba, Manami Inose
In-Between Inspection Shiori Kurihara, Emi Hirose, Yumi Yoshinari
3DCG Director Dick Ogahara
3DCG Animator Emi Tanemune
Digital Works Dick Kobo
Digital Image Correction Maho no Film Kenkyujo
Digital Manager Dick Ogahara
Literature Toshima Hara
Line Producer Mayuka Kawasumi
Design Production Coordination Nozomi Shimakura
Animation Production MAHO FILM

©Roy, HOBBY JAPAN/By the Grace of the Gods Project 2