By the Grace of the Gods

By the Grace of the Gods

Takebayashi Ryoma, a 39 year old bachelor salary man working as a system engineer at a black company, died an abrupt death alone in his apartment.

Ryoma was summoned to the heavenly realm, with the help of the god of creation, the goddess of love, and the god of life, he was reincarnated into a totally different world-Isekai in the form of a child !

Eight-year-old Ryoma, who started slow and comfortable life alone in a deep forest, enjoys his new life as he immersed himself in the study of magically tamed slimes.

Every day is fun surrounded by friendly people, with a slow fantasy life in a different world !



Animation Producer Yuki Mukai
Main-character Designer Kaho Deguchi
Chief Animation Director Kaho Deguchi
Animation Director Tomihiko Okubo, Kyohei Oyabu, Kaho Deguchi, George Koda
Storyboards Tomihiko Okubo, M.F.K, Kyohei Oyabu
Direction Tomihiko Okubo, Naoyoshi Kusaka, Kyohei Oyabu
Digital Image Correction Maho no Film Kenkyujo
Digital Manager Dick Ogahara
Degital Animation(In-Between) Toko Koike
Animation Inspector Shiori Kurihara
Design Production Coordination Yuichiro Sakurai
Animation Production MAHO FILM

©Roy, HOBBY JAPAN/By the Grace of the Gods Project